'Ol Blue

Well, I'm back....and I must say that it feels like this hiatus I've been on sure felt like a million years!  In reality, it was only a little over a week, but so much has happened in that time.  I will definitely be posting very regularly now just to catch up!

One thing we did just recently was buy an old pickup.  And we all love it!  The kids only want a ride to school in 'Ol Blue, and I'm not kidding when I say that whenever we're ready to go somewhere anywhere, Peditos runs and waits right by the truck!  He loves riding in the front with us, then having the freedom to move to the box.

I'm so glad we bought it because we needed an older model pickup for important things...you know...like to be able to go cRaZy on that awesome list Craig has! (:
Besides,  I'm definitely a truck kinda girl.  Always have been.  In fact, my grandpa had a truck just like the one we got, and that is what I learned to drive in when I was 12!  My dad just handed me the keys and sent me to run an errand for him.  Just like that! I kinda had to learn all by myself!
I think that experience may have been a deciding factor in buying this old Ford.  You know how sometimes an old vehicle has a special place in your heart??  Well, this truck sure brings back good memories.......And it's in awesome shape and runs great too! 

When I said we all loved it, I really meant ALL of us! (:

 Peditos thinks he's a big, bad, bad doggy riding in the back of the truck! He's even started to pee on mailbox poles and trees with his leg up in the air!  True story! HA!

Have an awesome Thursday!


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