Rock, Paper,, wait! Feathers, rocks, etc.

Do any of you remember the Pet Rock craze from the 70s?  Some guy was at a bar one night and he and his buddies' conversation turned to pets and all the hard work involved with caring for a pet.  This guy mentioned that a pet rock would be easy to care for.  No need to feed, bathe or walk it because it was...well, a ROCK.  So this guy went home and actually came up with plan to sell "Pet Rocks."  He became a millionaire!  Yeah, crazy!
 The box it came in even came with holes so it could "breath!!"

And a manual! 

And I may or may not have had one.
You didn't??!!

In my defense, I was like....8 years-old. HA!

Anyway, I remember bugging my mom for one.  And I mean, I bugged her!!!
Well, Karma came and bit me in the butt.  Literally.  My baby Gabriella had been bugging me...relentlessly...about wanting the latest trend amongst pre-teen girls.  No rocks this time, now, the latest trend is those feathers in their hair.  Yeah,  like real feathers!  I now know what my mom felt like when I bugged her like crazy for that rock.  I finally gave in because:

a) She really wanted them; and
b) She brought home straight A's, so I figured she deserved them (:

I let her schedule her appointment and off we went.
She chose 3 feathers and excitedly sat down to have them put in:

 So yes, I can now officially say that I have a child with feathers out of her head!

I will definitely check that off of my bucket know, since I already checked off that pet rock! (:

Is it Friday yet??


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