Homecoming weekend!

Last weekend was tons of fun.  It was Homecoming weekend at my university and there were lots of activities!  One, of course, was the Homecoming parade.  I apologize for the terrible quality of the pics.  I packed my camera and took it with me, but didn't realize until I took it out to start taking pics that my memory card was in my computer!  I had to resort to using the Iphone....bummer.

 These are all the Stryker ladies and our families..
 For some reason, Iphones make you look chestier then you really are.  I didn't know that beforehand, or I just might have taken more pics!  HA!  (:
 My hubs and kiddos.  I asked Laura to take Julian and Lynette to march with us, but they didn't make it..

 I spotted this fairy walking toward the parade and I really wished I had my memory card..
 This is me and my Stryker sister, Trina.
 Trina's little boy (:

Even Peditos marched the parade route with us!  He looked so cute with his bandana...Awww.

Later, we were able to catch the amazing fireworks display on campus.  It really was fantastic!  Even the "huge" 4th of July display our city puts on doesn't come close!

 The UNC Bears lost the game, but there is always next year...right??  Even with the loss, it was an awesome weekend!

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