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This post is about as random as they come.  Since it's Labor day and the kids and I are home from school today, I was organizing my memory card again and came across pics that I wanted to share.  It's amazing how quickly the SD card gets full and disorganized!  So here goes.  And there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the order in which these pics are in.. :

 This would be Marko and Tita swinging....on my patio chair!  Seriously.

 Tita put these glasses on Peditos. Lori told me he looks like the Shaggy DA.  I think so too. (:
 Tita and her BFF Claire.  Silly girls..

 This is Tita at her locker.  She has it decorated nice and pretty..
 This picture is from Laura's high school days..
 This next pic was taken at a Nuggets game.  It was Marko's 12th birthday!
 Brothers (:
I told you they weren't in order.. (:
 All of the kids at the Nuggets game.
 I love this picture.  Armando and I had gone to Denver one Saturday night and stayed at a hotel while the kids stayed with grandma.  We picked the kids up Sunday morning and found Tita dressed just like her dad!
 This is Marko at age 10!
 This is a puppy we had.  His name was Gus and he was adorable.
 Me and the hubs..
 Love the look on Marko's face!
 Me and Gus.
 This is Laura right after giving birth to Julian!
 This is Marko, Tita and my nephew Gerardo at Estes Park.  I could never get Gerardo to look at the camera because he kept looking back in case they were charged! 
Marko and Armando in front of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile in Loveland, Colorado!!
 Me and Marko..

  All of us, except Ivan at Laura's graduation..
 This is Armando and Gerardo after we I pulled Laura and Albert out of the ditch.  It was raining real hard and Laura was literally stuck in mud about a foot deep!  This is just one of our many misadventures..   (:
That's it until my SD card needs organizing again..


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