Friday, wait..... Tuesday the 13th..

I have had good days, bad days, excellent days and even days that are downright sh.......well, you know where I'm going..  These days are just so bad you just cannot adequately describe those days....right??  Well, today definitely fits into that latter category.
This was my day:
Everyone woke up late.  Of course, giving full credit to Murphy's Law, today happened to be picture day!  It was bad.
So bad, in fact, that I didn't even get to my first class, which is my French class.
Time got away from me again and with fighting the horrible traffic at lunchtime, I walked into my afternoon class 5 minutes late.  And of course, my professor is very punctual.  Today also happened to be the day that the attendance sheet was started on my side of the class.  It's always started on the other side of the class....except today, so I didn't get to sign it.
After class was over, I hurried over to the professor's office to make sure I was marked as having attended class today.  I expected her to hand it to me so I could just sign it and leave.  Instead, she places it on her desk in the far corner of the room and asked me to sign it.  I walked over to the desk and wouldn't you know it?  I felt something crunch under my foot.  I instantly felt dread literally wash over me.  I moved my foot and realized that just as I was taking my step, my professor's glasses fell to the ground and I CRUSHED them into a million pieces!!  I was so upset and honestly do not have a memory of feeling so horrible about anything else in my life!  Especially because my professor made a statement a few weeks ago of not being able to see without her glasses!  I offered to pay for the damages  for a new pair but she kept telling me that that was not necessary.  I felt so bad for her.  I apologized profusely and I walked out of her office wanting to crawl under a rock.  I should have ran to the car at that moment and gone home.  Instead, as I walked down the stairs, I suddenly remembered that I had my French homework in my backpack and since I was going to walk right past that professor's office, I would slip my folder under her door.
This professor is very sweet and approximately my mom's age.  Imagine my surprise to find her in her office!  I knocked on her door and she sweetly said "Come on in!"  She was sitting at her desk grading homework, so I reached my hand into her office to hand her my folder.  She must have been sitting way toward the front of her chair because as she reached out to get my folder from me, she just fell onto the floor... and while she was falling, she tried to catch herself on her desk, so she pulled E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G on her desk down with her!  And by "everything," I mean: tons of homework she was grading, her gradebook, her printer and even her coffee!  I threw my backpack to the floor to try to "catch" her from falling.  Instinct, I guess.  There really wasn't anything that I could do because it happened so fast.  She is slightly over-weight, so I was only able to somewhat help her get back to her feet.  Again, I felt miserable!!  I literally cried all the way home.

How am I going to face these ladies at my next class??

Oh, and by the way....I know today's date is the 13th, but it's not FRIDAY!!!!


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