Saxophone baby!

For all of fifth grade, Tita had her heart set on playing an instrument as soon as she got to middle school.    All that year she talked of playing the saxophone.  When school started a couple weeks ago, she decided she wanted to play the flute.  Well, since school started, the band teacher had the kids each play every instrument to help them decide which one they really wanted to play.  The mouthpieces were washed with antiseptic after every kid until each one in the class tried it.  She said that she immediately changed her mind when it came to the flute.  She said that she didn't like it AT ALL.  After trying the saxophone, she LOVED it.  So today, she got it.  It is absolutely beautiful!


 She struggled at first with positioning it...

Not for long though..she quickly learned to adjust it to her, rather than adjusting her body to it..

I got my fair share of saxophone "sounds," today, that's for sure! (:

 I am so proud of her!  I know she'll be playing like a pro in no time.  I can't wait for her very first concert.

 Marko is also in the band.  He plays the trumpet, so this year, I will be able to enjoy listening to both of my babies in the school's band!  I'm excited!

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