Walking to my English class today, I noticed the sign from afar taped to the door and knew instantly that class was cancelled.  I couldn't leave campus because a) The hubs had given me a ride to school today; and b) I had one more class after the cancelled class.  So I sat in the rain and chatted with 3 classmates from French class.  We talked about lots of things.  One subject that came up, and I really can't remember how the subject got to this, but we suddenly started talking about "weird" cravings.  I had them all beat by a long shot!  I'm not kidding.
Ok, here goes.  And I pinky-promise that this is a true story!
Now, I'm sure you've heard lots of pregnancy cravings...weird combinations such as this:

or how about craving THIS:

...with lots TONS of sugar  PLUS:


Yes...a can of sardines.  With the Cheerios AND the onion!  I'll give you 3 guesses of who that weirdo was..

That weird pregnant lady was moi, moi and moi (:
And I must say that that is the best breakfast I ever ate in my entire life!  I actually woke up craving exactly that!  It was dee-lish!! (:

That isn't the worst of it! Throughout both of my entire pregnancies, I craved ice and dirt! I clearly remember driving to the fields at the edge of town with my ziplock bag so I could put my dirt clods in.  My cravings were so bad that...Thank God it never happened!, but had someone actually wanted to mug me, I would have said "Take the purse with money/credit cards, just leave me with my ziplock full of dirt clods!"  I would suck on those dirt clods and actually lick my fingers when I finished them! 

For those of you that "clean" beans so you can cook them, you know how you find small clusters of dirt from the field in a bag of beans?  Wow.  That was like finding gold to me!  I would eat them right up.  I would savor the taste!!

And the ice?? Wow. I L-O-V-E-D it!  I didn't just crave any 'ole ice either. You know these freezers you see at the gas stations or at Wal-Mart that are open on top and the ice collects all the way around the inside of the freezer?

  Yep. That was the ice I just had to have.  I had the hubs buy me a very old model of refrigerator for our house so I could eat the ice that collected all around the freezer.  And I never gave it time to actually collect ice.  I hate to admit it, but I actually broke the freezer one day that I poked it with a knife to get all of the ice off.  I KNOW!  So my sweet hubby bought me another one...

My cravings were so bad that when I was pregnant with Tita, and Marko was just a baby, he would actually wake up from his naps and crawl straight to the refrigerator because he was so used to seeing me standing there eating ice!  I used to carry one of those huge cooking spoons in my purse, just in case I ran across one of those freezers, I would have the spoon to be able scrape the ice off of the sides!   I remember sweet Laura helping me gather the ice.

Looking back on that, I can't believe my doctor never thought anything of that when I would tell him what I would do.  He never seemed concerned, so I didn't think I needed to worry about it either.  I didn't know it at the time, of course, but my body actually craved those things because I was anemic!  I had no idea!!
I thank God that my children were born healthy.  I'm not sure how, but they were.

Needless to say, I never struggled with losing my pregnancy weight after giving birth.  How could I gain weight with living on ice and dirt??!!  I ate during my pregnancy, of course, but I ate tons of dirt and ice.  Every single day.   Within 2 days, I would drop to below my "before pregnancy" weight.  My cravings were very real and I hated it because I would constantly worry about my unborn baby, but I couldn't help myself.  And again, my doctor never told me that this wasn't normal.

These are some other weird tidbits of my pregnancies:
One thing that I definitely was not a fan of, was the fact that my feet would grow one shoe size after each pregnancy.  Again, I promise that this is true.
Another thing I must mention is that I am very grateful to not know what morning sickness is.  Never had it.....Don't hate!

I love my children dearly, and I always wanted more biological childen, but I believe God only blessed me with 2 biological children so I wouldn't end up with feet like Paris Hilton.  And for that I am very grateful..    (:

Happy Thursday!!


Disclaimer:  All photos via google.

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